DBEI Hackathon Europe by Craig Heap


Andrew Waring, BIM manager, participated in the first DBEI hackathon as part of this year’s European BILT conference.

This was a 1-Day design sprint event where teams work together, on a specific idea, with the goal to create usable software or hardware as functioning prototype or product by the end of the event.  

Andrew competed in a team of 5 applicants that came from all across Europe to develop a parametric generative solution for gallery and retail space design within any given site constraint.

The set up involved defining a single storey building typology, with variables including shape, rotation and position. The solution looked to optimize the sightlines into the space from 3 location points while reducing the acoustic reverberation of the internal spaces. This could be further developed to include additional goals such as parking availability, pedestrian flow and solar gain and could be used for a variety of building typologies.

Tools used were Dynamo Studio along with Project Refinery from Autodesk to first define the possible solutions and then run an evolutionary solver to iterate design options with the goal of optimizing the desired requirements.

With the experience and knowledge gained from attending industry leading events like this, our digital team are constantly evolving and developing our parametric and generative design capabilities, to investigate millions of possible solutions as to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

Renton Campus Planning Application submitted by Craig Heap

Monument Axo.jpg

Holmes Miller, on behalf of Morgan Sindall, has submitted a planning application for the creation of a new educational campus for West Dunbartonshire Council.

Constructed on the current Renton Primary school site, the new campus will comprise a new Renton Primary School, Renton Language & Communication Unit (an Additional Support Needs enhanced support setting) and a new Riverside Early Learning and Childcare Centre (ELCC).

Thorough stakeholder consultation solidified WDC Education Learning & Attainment’s aspiration to create a forward looking education facility providing variety and delight throughout the children’s learning journey.  The facility takes on the role of ‘Learning Ladder’ with stages of learning configured vertically to reflect the stages of maturation of children and young people and the changing ways in which they engage with learning as they develop.

External learning plays a crucial role in this development with the ground level playground complimented with external terraces at the upper levels to provide direct access to the learning zones.

Construction work is programmed to commence in 2020.

Designing ‘experienced based’ learning spaces by Craig Heap


Mark Ellson, Education Director, is presenting at The Education Building Forum event in Northamptonshire.

Mark’s presentation focuses on three of our projects, covering early year’s provision, primary and secondary school buildings, where the project brief and accommodation schedule has been developed to marry with the curriculum and school requirements.  In each case, the building’s presented offer innovative and immersive teaching spaces for pupils and staff, and demonstrate how, through designing to align with the curriculum, more creative solutions can be generated, whilst maintaining value for local authorities and school trusts.

BILT Academy Summit 2019 by Craig Heap


Our BIM Manager, Andrew Waring,  is co-presenting a one day class on IFC from Revit, BIM interoperability tools, COBie and model validation at this year’s BILT Academy

 BILT Academy is a non-profit organization and part of the RTC Foundation and is running alongside BILT Europe being held in Edinburgh this year. It is a one day summit available to emerging building industry expert educators and students providing an opportunity to discover and explore cutting edge BIM methodologies and the latest technological developments in software and project management.

 Find out more at https://biltacademy.org/mentor-announcement-7-8-summit-2019/

Education Buildings Scotland 2019 Awards shortlist announced by Craig Heap

Education Building Awards Scotland - Banner.jpg

The Shortlist for the Education Buildings Scotland Awards has been announced.


Holmes Miller are delighted to see 4 of our projects shortlisted as well as making the shortlist for Architectural Practice of the Year. Equally pleased to see some of our key Clients shortlisted.

Congratulations to all and look forward to seeing you at the Education Buildings Scotland conference in November.

International travel for work, a chore or a joy? by Craig Heap


Having just maxed out my third, 2 year Chinese visa, it came as a huge surprise to me that I have now been travelling to the Far East for 6 years.

Amazingly, I still get the same buzz and excitement, not to mention a tinge if trepidation with each visit. Best made plans always appear to be overtaken by events and opportunities.

Almost four years since Holmes Miller China was formally established we have an exciting portfolio of design projects, both under development and construction. On my recent trip it was great to visit one of our first completed projects, Merchiston International School in Shenzhen.

Forged over the past decade, we have an excellent relationship with Merchiston in Scotland, so it was great to continue this support in the development of the concept design for their first International School. Open for a year now, it was great to witness first-hand the realisation of the initial concept sketches. Critically the ethos, qualities and educational values present in Scotland have been replicated in China with a friendly and smiling child around every corner. It was also nice to see the pupils artwork on full display, not as pictures mounted on walls, but utilising full walls as the backing canvas to create unique and expressive installations.

Very early days but the rising role alongside excellent academic results (100% ‘A’ Bands at A-Level Mathematics in 2019) and a client team (mixture of Chinese and Scots) with lofty ambitions for the future, will I am sure see continued success for Merchiston International School moving forward.

Education, Education, Education to quote a famous, or infamous, yesteryear politician. Apparently China has been listening, as whilst not really considered a target sector when we embarked on our Chinese odyssey, over the past 12 months this has become a fruitful stream of work. Covering the full spectrum of Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and High Schools we are currently working on approximately 200,000m2 of new school, for landmark International Schools (established in the east), local government Schools and critically facilitating introductions for UK schools with ambitions to enter this lucrative market.

This common market between China and the UK has helped to foster a healthy relationships between our staff across the continents. Going forward this will hopefully lead to a continuous flow of secondments between the offices to build strong bonds in a culture of friendship and camaraderie.

For any ambitious architect or student who would thrive on the opportunities of internationalism that Holmes Miller can offer please contact us and we will stay in touch as and when opportunities arise.

Callum Houston

Managing Director


Opportunity to join our team by Craig Heap


We are looking for an experienced Project Architect with a passion for architecture to join our busy Glasgow studio.

Working primarily within our Residential team a position has arisen for a Project Architect with a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience.

Our design studio in Glasgow has a friendly environment and offers excellent working conditions. We offer competitive salaries, commensurate with experience, and an attractive benefits package.

The successful candidate will ideally:

  • Be proficient in the use of REVIT, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, and Sketch-Up.

  • Have good working knowledge of current UK Planning Guidelines, Building Regulations and Technical Standards

  • Have experience of working in Social and Private Housing together with a good working knowledge of Housing for Varying Needs Standards.

  • Be capable of producing high quality designs, detailed construction drawings and specifications.

  • Have strong organisational skills - able to work well under pressure and manage workload efficiently to meet deadlines

  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Enjoy working as part of a team.

Holmes Miller is an equal opportunities employer, recruiting in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

The successful candidate must be able to provide proof of eligibility to work without restriction in the UK.

To apply, please email a CV with examples of your work, together with a cover letter stating your availability and salary expectations to glasgow@holmesmiller.com

Boroughmuir High School Extension Planning Approval by Craig Heap

4283 Boroughmuir CGI-01.jpg

We are delighted to announce that this important project has now received Planning Approval by CEC’s Planning Committee. We have worked closely with City of Edinburgh Council to develop a successful design solution to extend the recently completed existing school building, which builds upon it’s important civic position with the Fountainbridge area.

Designed to be a seamless extension to the existing school over the full height of the building, the proposals strengthen the school’s relationship to Dundee Street to the north, and creates an enhanced sense of enclosure to the external playground areas. Urban connections to the canal and beyond have also been formalised as part of the proposals in response to the emerging CEC masterplan for the area.

John Burns - Tenements: An Architectural History by Ryan Holmes


Our very own architect, John Joseph Burns will present tonight, his research into the history of the tenement typology in Scotland, examining its development from the 1700's to current times.

"The Tenement typology defines Glasgow not only in it’s urban character but also in it’s history and it’s own self-perception. Much has been written about the Glasgow tenement with its own unique character analysing it from a social history or urban planning perspective but there isn’t a study which cohesively tells the story of the architectural evolution of the Glasgow tenement from it’s medieval beginnings right through to the social housing provision of today. Telling this story of the naturally evolving tenement will ultimately reveal the history of Glasgow itself. The changing form of each period reflects the standards, restrictions, aims, ambitions and even failings of the time they were built. The study will focus on the everyday tenements that form the large majority of the housing stock at Glasgow’s peak and still to this day."

Career in Architecture by Craig Heap


Today we had Matthew Bell, a student from Dalbeattie Learning Campus, in the studio finding out more about what’s involved with a career in architecture.

Various members of our team spent a little time with Matthew to provide advice and information on various aspects such as ;

  • One of our Directors provided an overview of our practice

  • One of our University tutors provided an overview on what happens at University / requirements of portfolio to get in etc

  • One of our recently qualified architects provided an overview of the Professional exam process

  • Project Architect for Dalbeattie Learning Campus provided an overview of the project and what’s involved with design and delivery

  • Our BIM Manager provided some valuable information on BIM

It was really great to hear some positive feedback from Matthew on Dalbeattie Learning Campus and we wish him well with his future career … hopefully in Architecture!

Woking Football Club Development by Craig Heap


Holmes Miller are currently working on design proposals for a Community Stadium as part of the Cardinal Court development in Woking, Surrey.

Recently Ian Cooney presented to Woking Borough Council, Woking FC Supporters and the Woking public at a series of community consultations.

Working with Dukelease/GolDev Developments and LRW,  Holmes Miller have developed the stadium proposal as part of a masterplan that features 1000 private, affordable and social tenure apartments with extensive public realm.

 The 10,000 capacity stadium features a fanzone, retail, commercial and community accommodation  - as part of a new neighbourhood called Cardinal Court.


Union Yards, Glasgow by Craig Heap

190312 4436 King Street Kings Court 001.jpg
190315 4436 King Street St Enoch at Night 001.jpg
190314 4436 King Street Bridgegate 001.jpg
190313 4436 King Street Street 001.jpg
190312 4436 King Street Old Wynd 001.jpg
190314 4436 King Street Osbourne St 001.jpg

In March this year Holmes Miller were invited to produce concepts for one of Glasgow’s key gap sites in the St. Enoch neighbourhood : The King Street Car Park. The Glasgow studio relished the opportunity to explore ideas and started by looking into the history and provenance of this famous location……

The King Street car park was formerly the rail yards for the St.Enoch Station, which closed in 1966. Bounded by the City Union Rail Line to the East, Merchant City to the North, and Briggait to the South – the site is blessed with an engaging and developed context rich in history. Having been used as a car park for the last 3 decades and witnessed several failed development proposals, we sought to reimagine the site as a multi-use development.

Our concept was to provide a new landmark destination - a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood within the centre of Glasgow. Stitched into the existing fabric of the city, and connecting West to East – the aim was to create an enjoyable and exciting experience to those travelling through its heart, providing places to where people want to dwell and reconnecting the city.

Design Rationale

The north/south oriented blocks are designed with flexibility in mind – they could accommodate either residential or commercial activity as the market dictates, or indeed a mixture of both. The flexibility of their size and form means that not only can they be interchangeable while the design develops, but they are able to be adapted for alternative uses in the future.

The linear wings are sub-dividable with cores serving the multi-level blocks landing at ground level, integrated into building plinths, providing further activation amidst retail, restaurant and leisure activity. This base level underpins the scheme to create a truly mixed-use development.

On an Urban Design level, we used the detailed guidance of Glasgow City Council’s SG1 - The Place making Principle when designing the development so that it has a character unique in the city centre but respects the existing urban fabric with a scale and materiality that is appropriate and varies to suit each boundary condition.


We envisaged this development, not just as a series of buildings and the spaces defined by these, but as a holistic neighbourhood, with an animated public realm fraught with activity spilling out from the buildings to which they are harmoniously linked. Reinforcing and reinvigorating the bottom bar of the ‘Golden Z’ through its connection with Argyle Street and the St Enoch Centre. Connecting the developing Merchant City to the river and the East End to the commercial heart of Glasgow.

A future facing Glasgow is enjoying a prosperous period – the timing is perfect to transform this dormant site into a place where people want to be, to live, to work, to relax, to play.

One with a unique character that is vibrant, safe and exciting, but recognises its heritage and place in the City of Glasgow. A new neighbourhood that brings together people, the environment and the city, a union of many diverse facets - Union Yards.

Celtic FC announce re-development plans by Craig Heap

Indoor Hall.jpg

Holmes Miller are delighted to be working with Celtic Football Club on their exciting major re-development at Barrowfield Training Centre in Glasgow.

The re-development includes one of the largest indoor football arenas in Scotland, a FIFA approved full sized artificial pitch, state of the art gymnasium, parking and changing facilities.

Celtic FC press statement

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup… by Craig Heap


Holmes Miller is delighted to be a sponsor of Glasgow City FC and pass on our best wishes to  Lee Alexander, Nicola Docherty, Hayley Lauder, Leanne Crichton, Jo Love and all other players representing Scotland in the upcoming 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

We look forward to watching and cheering on Scotland, in their first football World Cup since 1998, particularly the opening fixture against England on Sunday 9th June.

Link to Scottish FA squad announcement


East Dunbartonshire Early Years by Craig Heap

190401 4309 Brookwood CGI3.jpg
190402 4407 St Josephs CGI2.jpg
190328 4408 Southbank CGI1.jpg

Planning Applications registered for 3 new centres

Holmes Miller, working in partnership with East Dunbartonshire Council and hubWest Scotland, has submitted planning applications for 3 new early years facilities, within Bearsden, Milngavie and Kirkintilloch, which truly embrace the opportunity to provide the optimum setting for pre-school children.

Founded on the Scottish Government’s ‘Space to Grow’ document, which encourages strong links with outdoor learning, and the creation of buildings that encourage self-development, self-confidence and promote exploration and discovery, these new facilities eschew the notion of a traditional playroom, and offer a dynamic educational setting for infants.

Whilst fully aligning with the space standards depicted by the Care Inspectorate, the indoor spaces are complemented with an extensive, multi levelled and sheltered courtyard space, that offers a seamless transition from indoor, to outdoors, and ensures children can enjoy an open and natural setting throughout the calendar year. Discovery is encouraged through provision of ramps and slides, that allows pupils to access a first floor terrace and experience the playspaces from above, whilst a ground level courtyard finished with a variety of textures, surfaces and materials creates a canvas for learning and creativity.

The approach endorsed by East Dunbartonshire Council in commissioning these buildings, truly places the pupil experience at the forefront, with a conscious effort made to reduce the area assigned to ancillary spaces and servicing, to maximise the investment for the benefit of learning. The result is a solution that reduces internal spaces where practicable, to allow a 200% increase in the amount of covered playspace that can be offered for children.

Each site, whilst utilising a similar building design solution, marries to suit the context and mature landscape setting available in each location. External spaces will not be overly designed, but will offer staff and pupils the opportunity to craft their own pre-school setting, with natural features, opportunities for water play and construction activities all encouraged without being over-thought or predetermined.

We are incredibly excited to see these projects develop towards the final solution, and submission of the planning applications forms a significant milestone in making these highly innovative buildings a reality.

Well done Ju Li by Craig Heap


Huge congratulations to Holmes Miller Director, Ju Li, who finished 6th woman in the recent ‘2019 International Enterprise Tengger Desert Hike Challenge’.

We are recruiting by Craig Heap

Concept Website.jpg

Holmes Miller is seeking applications from talented, enthusiastic and ambitious individuals to join our busy Glasgow studio to work on major projects in the UK and abroad. 

 The following positions are available:

  • Project Architects, with minimum 3 years post Part 3 qualification

  • Part 2 architectural graduates

  • Part 1 architectural graduates

  • Architectural Technicians

Positions may include opportunity to travel to our expanding studios in London and Guangzhou, where you will actively contribute to large scale design projects.

To be considered for these roles you will need excellent design, technical, and organisational skills as well as an appreciation and passion for architecture.  Proven ability with Sketch-Up, AutoCAD and Adobe Suite is essential with experience in Revit (essential for technician) and Rhino desirable.

Holmes Miller is a design-led practice, providing feasibility, planning and building design services to public and private clients in a number of key sectors; Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Justice, Residential, Sport & Leisure. Our geographic spread extends throughout UK and internationally with projects in China, USA and India.

We offer excellent working conditions from our Glasgow studio.  Salary will be commensurate with experience.  Part 2 Graduate position may lead to Part 3 Qualification sponsorship with opportunity for career advancement.

Immediate availability is preferred, but not essential.  All successful candidates must be able to provide proof of your eligibility to work without restriction in the UK.

Holmes Miller is an equal opportunities employer, recruiting in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

To apply, please e-mail an up-to-date CV and portfolio with a cover letter stating your availability and salary expectations to glasgow@holmesmiller.com

Charity events for 2019 by Craig Heap


Holmes Miller are taking part in a variety of events across 2019 to raise money for Revive MS Support, a charity based in Glasgow that provides vital therapy, advice and support to people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the heart of communities across the West of Scotland in order to enhance their well-being and empower them to live full and productive lives.

Our main fundraising events are three office wide physical challenges:

The Kilt Walk – Sunday 28th April 2019


The famous Kilt Walk is a fun yet challenging walk through some of Scotland most scenic areas with staff taking part in both the ‘Mighty Stride’ 24 miles from Glasgow Green to Balloch Country Park and the ‘Big Stroll’ 15 miles from Clydebank to Balloch Country Park.

The Great Glencoe Challenge – Saturday 6th July 2019


Billed as Scotland’s toughest trekathon, staff are taking on the 26 mile route through the glen, over the Devils Staircase through the Lairig Mor (the Big Pass) to the base of Ben Nevis.

ETAPE Caledonia – Sunday 19th May 2019


For our keen cyclists there is 85 Miles of closed road cycling beginning and concluding in Pitlochry.  The course consists of rolling hills and forest roads around Loch Rannoch and Loch Tummel, combined with the 1,083m climb of Mt Schiehallion.

To make efforts and weary legs worthwhile we would be very grateful for your support, encouragement and any charitable donations that you can offer.  Donations, large or small, can be made via the following link.


Just giving sends your donations straight to Revive MS and automatically claims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.

If you wish to donate specifically to the Kilt Walk then you can do so via the link below, donations are topped up by 40% by the ‘Hunter Foundation’.


Thank you for your support

Holmes Miller