John Burns - Tenements: An Architectural History / by Ryan Holmes


Our very own architect, John Joseph Burns will present tonight, his research into the history of the tenement typology in Scotland, examining its development from the 1700's to current times.

"The Tenement typology defines Glasgow not only in it’s urban character but also in it’s history and it’s own self-perception. Much has been written about the Glasgow tenement with its own unique character analysing it from a social history or urban planning perspective but there isn’t a study which cohesively tells the story of the architectural evolution of the Glasgow tenement from it’s medieval beginnings right through to the social housing provision of today. Telling this story of the naturally evolving tenement will ultimately reveal the history of Glasgow itself. The changing form of each period reflects the standards, restrictions, aims, ambitions and even failings of the time they were built. The study will focus on the everyday tenements that form the large majority of the housing stock at Glasgow’s peak and still to this day."