C'mon Scotland / by Craig Heap


Hopefully the new changing rooms will come good today!

In this short video Gregor Townsend explains some of the ideas behind the design and how these will benefit the team and hopefully inspire a great victory for Scotland.

Holmes Miller worked closely with the Scottish Rugby Union to achieve the vision for a bright, vibrant and robust space utilising the SRU colour palette of blue, grey and purple in the materials. Setting the seats out in a seamless u-shape encourages interaction which is enhanced by the integration of state of the art technology to facilitate instant feedback and make discussions on tactics and strategy more visual.

A combination of high quality materials, including solid surface, glass, stainless steel and faux leather, create an appropriate atmosphere which is personalised with embroidered seating pads and etched shower valve plates.

LED lighting and scene setting plays a vital role in creating the appropriate mood in the changing rooms as well as highlighting key features such as the player’s shirts, numbers and heritage panels.

C’mon Scotland!