DBEI Hackathon Europe / by Craig Heap


Andrew Waring, BIM manager, participated in the first DBEI hackathon as part of this year’s European BILT conference.

This was a 1-Day design sprint event where teams work together, on a specific idea, with the goal to create usable software or hardware as functioning prototype or product by the end of the event.  

Andrew competed in a team of 5 applicants that came from all across Europe to develop a parametric generative solution for gallery and retail space design within any given site constraint.

The set up involved defining a single storey building typology, with variables including shape, rotation and position. The solution looked to optimize the sightlines into the space from 3 location points while reducing the acoustic reverberation of the internal spaces. This could be further developed to include additional goals such as parking availability, pedestrian flow and solar gain and could be used for a variety of building typologies.

Tools used were Dynamo Studio along with Project Refinery from Autodesk to first define the possible solutions and then run an evolutionary solver to iterate design options with the goal of optimizing the desired requirements.

With the experience and knowledge gained from attending industry leading events like this, our digital team are constantly evolving and developing our parametric and generative design capabilities, to investigate millions of possible solutions as to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.