SAGA Cinema opens in Haining / by Craig Heap

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The latest SAGA Cinema realised in Haining, 80 miles west of Shanghai and 40 miles east of Hangzhou. A city that serves the core of the Hangzhou economic wider circle and the greater Hangzhou Bay Rim area. Haining has been promoting development between traditional and new modern emerging industries. The city is known for its export of fish and rice as well as silk and leather. Furthermore Haining is a city with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful scenery.

The new SAGA Cinema modelled within a larger shopping centre brings some of the characteristics of export and industry into the interior design of the cinema. The cinema offers an interior that with its wide range of services such as meeting areas, café, lounges and parks, allowing the user to wonder and fully dive in the world of the Haining SAGA cinema experience.

The cinema takes its concept from the export containers used exporting the goods from Haining and these containers take centre stage as the entrance into each cinema screen. With over 10 screen rooms in a variety of sizes including a kid’s screen, the cinema accommodates all ages and genres.

A simple material palette of concrete, stone, brick and steel is complimented with soft lounge parks and bold colours within the screen rooms and throughout the interior spaces.

The design developed through a detailed consultation process between the Holmes Miller Interior teams in the UK and China, led by Nick Roemer. The close working between the teams allowed a detailed understanding of the vision and requirements of the services essential to this cinema. The final design was led on site by HMC Interior designer Maribel Cervantes Ochoa  who maintained direct contact with the Client and took the concept design to the next level, delivering a project with a refined attention to detail.