Pennywell All Care Centre opens to public / by Craig Heap


The new Pennywell All Care Centre brings together a range of primary healthcare and support services.  The building offers patients a wide range of co located services in a modern purpose built facility providing flexibility to meet changing needs.  The accommodation enables NHS Lothian and The City of Edinburgh Council to develop an integrated and efficient model of service delivery as part of the wider Pennywell and Muirhouse Regeneration project.

The design developed through a detailed consultation process with key stakeholders from the different client bodies and staff.  These meetings have allowed a detailed understanding of the particular needs of the services and users and the patients they serve.

The new three storey building wraps around a central landscaped courtyard, providing a calming outlook with the main public ‘street and waiting areas taking advantage of it.  The building form maximises the potential for natural light and ventilation.  Glazing on the three primary facades provide a transparency to activities in the main public areas with views through to the courtyard within.  The main vertical circulation route for visitor is clear and obvious and contributes to the active facade.

‘Public’, non clinical accommodation is readily accessible off the main north-south street.  Wayfinding for visitors is clear with accessible waiting areas located adjacent to the linked clinical space.

Externally the building is clad in a buff facing brick with pc concrete wall panels, column and beam features contributing the civic presence the building demands and differentiate from the adjoining housing now under development