Glasgow’s Tenement Tradition: Are we British or European? / by Craig Heap


Holmes Miller Architect John Joseph Burns recently took part in a lively debate held by the Glasgow City Heritage Trust entitled ‘Glasgow’s Tenement Tradition: Are we British or European?’ as part of their City Talk series. He was an invited panelist along with an international group of speakers representing Glasgow School of Art, Historic Scotland, North of England Civic Trust and the Barcelona Institute of Urban Landscape.

John presented his own research of the historic significance and typological development of Glasgow Tenements and their similarities to those found on Continental Europe as opposed to the terrace housing predominant in English cities. Alongside this he also presented the work of the office in their continuing role contributing to the ‘New Tenements’ in areas such as the ‘New Gorbals’ and Oatlands and his own experience working on the recent Park Quadrant project located in the West End of Glasgow. The speakers provoked an interesting debate in the audience that touched on subjects ranging from maintenance and new build procurement to legal protection for tenants & homeowners and even the idea of Scottish identity.