London 2012 Handball Arena

The Handball Arena will host the Olympic Games handball preliminary competition, the modern pentathlon fencing competition and the Paralympic games goalball competitions.
In legacy mode, the arena will maximise flexibility of use for a wide range of indoor sports to benefit the local community, and will be used by both amateur and professional athletes for training. It will also provide a destination venue for a variety of local, regional, national and international events.

We are lead consultant of the External Technical Review (ETR) team for the provision of technical review and supervisor framework. The general requirements of the ETR team are to:
• Review the design in terms of Technical Correctness.
• Review the design in terms of consistency with ODA requirements.
• Provide Olympic Development Authority (ODA) with technical support during construction.
• Aid in the mitigation of risk.

The purpose of the Supervisor:
• To act as the Employer’s Site Quality Assurance Representative
• To verify contractors compliance with self certification.
• To ensure verifications of the works
• Compliance with NEC Contract.


Olympic Delivery Authority