Chongming Sports Training Base

The concept for the design responds to the ever growing importance of sustainability to China, both locally, nationally, and globally. The idea of the tree as a metaphor for an ecological approach to development is coupled with sustainable design, transport, landscaping and construction, in a visually symbolic response to these global issues.
A new ‘Eco City’ built on an island with existing sensitive ecology and nature, has at its heart a vibrant, growing, green tree. The tree can also be read as a metaphor for Olympic sporting values such as life, growth, endurance, strength, and freedom. All aspects of the design of the masterplan should be derived directly from this idea.

本项目的设计主旨是建立于创造可持续发展的城市, 响应绿色城市理念在地方,国家,全球上重要性的不断增长为概念。 设计中用树的视觉形象加以生态,交通,绿化,建造设计的有机结合,以比拟的方式回应可持续发展的绿色城市策略。 规划总平面可以理解为一个建在生态岛屿上的新型 ‘ 绿色都市’, 从内而外充满活力的,持续生长的‘绿色树木’. 此‘树’的概念也可以理解为奥运的价值观:生命,生长,忍耐,力量,和自由。整体设计的各个方面都是从此思路发展展开而来.


Shanghai Sports Bureau


Shanghai, China