HMP Low Moss

HMP Low Moss at Bishopbriggs in East Dunbartonshire is a completely new 700 cell custodial establishment for the Scottish Prison Service (SPS). The Design & Build Contractor was procured through a three stage public procurement process incorporating design and cost submissions. Holmes Miller was Architect and Lead Designer on Carillion’s team which was successfully appointed to deliver the project.

Holmes Miller’s innovative design solution has been cited by SPS are being a significant factor in the award of the contract.

The design comprises all the facilities required in a modern custodial establishment and is configured in four separate buildings: Two residential blocks, a Prisoner Facilities Building and a Gate Building, all configured around a central pedestrian circulation spine.

Holmes Miller led the design process through the formal Competitive Dialogue process, using the breadth and depth of experience gained on previous projects for the SPS to challenge assumptions and expectations and in so doing, to create a design for the establishment which represents a major step-change in modern custodial design. We have shown that security can be delivered in a less overt way, and that facilities can be highly efficient, pleasant to live and work in, conducive to learning and personal development, and such that they promote positive interaction between prisoners and staff


Carillion Building




December 2011




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