Masterplan, Nansha

New retail centre with restaurants, clubhouses, offices and apartments together with public realm creating a new gateway development on the island. It will create a unique attraction with landmark buildings that will serve the wider Nansha district.

This is more than just another retail development. It meets the demand for combined retail, leisure, business and culture which is currently not available in Nansha.

The range of units in the multi-level experience accommodates small individual retailers, boutique retail, branded outlets, restaurants, bars, fashion, business hospitality, leisure and entertainment operators.

The form of the development is a bowl with internal landscaped terraces at each upper level, which creates an oasis in a fast developing urban environment. Linear Street Retail is provided on 3 floors with a generous area of public realm in front of every unit, onto which the operators can spill out. Link bridges, escalators and lifts at every level ensure good foot fall past every unit with no blank cul-de-sacs. High quality paving, seating areas, lighting and soft landscaping on every level provide a perfect setting for every business operator.

Higher value returns will be achieved at the upper levels of the retail ‘bowl’ because the improved air quality, sunshine and a calmer environment will attract a more discerning visitor for personal and business use. The larger unit sizes at the top levels are particularly well suited for exhibition spaces, galleries and product launches which will also draw people upwards through the development.


Guang Zhou Nan Sha Ling Hai Retail Ltd


Nan Sha, Guangzhou, China