Hawkhead, Paisley

This winning bid for an NHS site on Hawkhead Road, Paisley, provides 199 residential flats and houses for Kier Homes in a joint venture with the Burrell Company to create a community of 330 units.

Holmes prepared the Masterplan for Kier together with new-build house type and flat designs. The site sits on a rise in ground between two areas of special interest to nature conservation, one bordering the White Cart River and the other a small burn. These areas were preserved and with a carefully placed path network, opened up to the enjoyment of the public and amenity of residents.

To compliment the existing listed buildings of the 1930s, new building designs were prepared for Kier which reference back to the style of the original design proposals of Thomas Tait in 1934. The design of the new building elements of the development by Holmes is informed by the fresh, clipped, modernist style of the original Thomas Tait hospital buildings. Roof edges are protected by a minimalist flashing, coloured glazed brick panels trim the windows in reference to Tait’s faience tiling, and the central building form is simple with more elaborate end and corner features.

The new buildings close to the existing blocks were aligned to compliment the original hospital masterplan which resembled aircraft lining up perpendicular to a runway. In particular this provides a suitable setting for the A listed cubicle block which is a fine example of 1930’s modernist architecture. The design of the new building elements of the development by Holmes incorporates a strong sustainability agenda with the objective of creating a vibrant, mixed community incorporating a high percentage of flats, terraced houses and generous landscaped public spaces. Understanding the significance of the historic site as well as its relationship to Paisley and Glasgow have been central considerations.


Kier Homes


Hawkhead, Paisley