Saltcoats Police Station

Holmes Miller was commissioned by Strathclyde Police to design the Saltcoats Police Station.

The client’s aim for the project was to replace the previous out-dated and overcrowded Victorian Police Station with a public building for the 21st century, a building of value to not only to the police themselves but to the surrounding community who rely on its effective operation. The building should be both approachable to the public and a landmark in the community. Another objective for of the client was to create a facility which promotes staff efficiency and loyalty.

The building realised by Holmes Miller fulfils all of these objectives, presenting an open and approachable face to the public while providing working environments with a quality of space and light which contribute to the motivation and well being of staff.

To realise this, circulation routes are planned to reach the outside faces of the building and combined with a central circulation area, as much natural light as possible is allowed into the building.

The accommodation within the building is laid out with an eye on future flexibility to allow adaptation to suit the steady evolution of modern policing. The upper floor, in particular, is planned using non load bearing walls where possible and this will allow future alterations to be cost effective and straight forward.


Strathclyde Police


Saltcoats, Ayrshire