Laifeng Area Townscape Masterplan, Bisan County

Premiated masterplan proposal for major expansion and modernisation of the town of Laifeng lying to the south west of Chongqing.

The proposal was carried out in collaboration with a local partner who managed input of feasibility, economic and tourism studies from Chinese based consultants.

Redevelopment of the town is part of a Government regional investment strategy linked with growth in the greater Chongqing metropolitan area. Although serving a largely agrarian community the town supports light industry and is well placed to expand due to close connection with the main Chongqing to Chenqdu motorway. Agro-tourism was also seen as a prospective new market.

Existing river edges are defined by high masonry ‘quay walls’ with heavy balustrades which limit visual connection and prevents physical access to the river.

Our proposal was to extend new residential development alongside the river which bisects the town. Fingers of apartments radiating from the river allowed for visual and physical access to a new river walkway extending back into the town centre. New river edge treatment opened up the river and proposed new steps down to the water level whatever the state of flood. New industrial zones are created on the western edge of the town.

Agro-tourism is catered for in mini-settlements of holiday villas, apartments and hotels located on the site of existing farm groupings in the attractive surrounding countryside lying between the town and the mountain range which separates the area from Chongqing. The separated groups of buildings are surrounded by cultivated land which would continue to be worked by the original farmers. This arrangement relies on provision of satisfactory displacement housing designed to fulfil the aspirations of the original countryside dwellers.

New bypass road proposals allowed the creation of more shared space in the town centre and alongside the river


Chong Qing City Planning Bureau, China


Laifeng, China