Renfrewshire Schools

This PPP project replaces outdated and run down accommodation which no longer met the demands of modern 21st century education with fantastic new buildings. The project involves the construction of ten new schools, which comprises of six primary and four secondary schools, two community nurseries and a community learning centre. This provides state of the art facilities for over 7,000 children located in Paisley, Linwood and Johnstone.

This contract consisted of two phases. Phase one saw the first four schools being built: Todholm Primary and three Secondary Schools. Phase two saw a further six locations being completed: five primary schools; Fordbank, Glencoats, Woodlands and West Johnstone shared community campus, and one secondary, Linwood High School.

The designs for each school were carefully considered to respond to their individual needs. Within each school a strong ethos and community spirit existed. It was key to build on this and with the imaginative use of space, light and materials, an invigorating environment for learning has been achieved.


Renfrewshire Schools Partnership


Various, Renfrewshire Council


December 2008