Harris Academy, Dundee

Situated on an site overlooking the Firth of Tay, the replacement of the existing Harris Academy aims to provide a unique and inspirational new facility for the 1200 pupils and staff.

Developed closely with Dundee City Council, the project seeks to embrace best practice endorsed by providing a series of flexible and adaptable teaching spaces. This approach creates opportunities for formal and informal learning, facilitating a variety of teaching methods and providing a working stage for the delivery of a Curriculum for Excellence.

Within the building, a central, multi leveled social and assembly space forms the heart of the school, from which point all floor levels can be easily reached and identified. This layout aids in navigating around the building and creates a visual link between subject departments. The proposals also include a large Physical Education department, inclusive swimming pool, which will be available for use by the local community, and an Enhanced Provision Department, providing specialist support and guidance to pupils.

Externally, a restrained and limited palette of materials aims to create a building that is both considerate to its context and contemporary in form. A considered approach to the landscaping around the building should ensure that the building sits comfortably within it’s surroundings, with large terraces bridging the changes in level and creating the opportunity for outdoor classroom spaces, environmental gardens and social areas. A high level plaza accessed from Perth Road provides a view across the tree line towards the River Tay, and creates a unique break-out space adjacent the school library.

As part of the proposals, a number of features from the existing school buildings will be incorporated, allowing the legacy of this historic school to be remembered as it looks towards the future.


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Perth Road, Dundee