Earthquake Lab, Guangzhou

This important new public building for Guanzhou University combines scientific research and experimentation, whilst providing education tours for members of the public and practical implementation of findings in building practice. It will be a significant new public facility both in University City, and also for the whole province of Guangdong.

The massing of the building recognises the context and setting of the site in relationship to the adjacent Science Centre, and also how it links back to the University City.

The building design is driven by its function, providing hard, rigid (laboratory) spaces and soft, flexible (accommodation for people) spaces. Conceptually, the form is expressed as rock boulders which symbolise strength and a capacity to resist the shock of seismic waves.

Eco design is embodied in the proposal, including ground source heat pumps for cooling, undercroft public realm shaped to provide cooling wind effects at ground level, external solar shading to reduce radiation effects on large areas of glazing and natural ventilation through cross flow stack effects in larger volume spaces. High standards of insulation in the envelope combined with the use of large areas of exposed concrete with night time cooling at appropriate times of the year further reduce cooling loads.

Site area: 17,307m2
Construction area: 20,391m2


Guangzhou University


Guangzhou University