Hawkhead, Paisley

Hawkhead hospital was built in 1934 to a modernist design by Thomas Tait (designer of Tait Tower and Sydney Harbour Bridge piers).

It was an infectious diseases Hospital and incorporated new ideas in medical care, particularly visible in the A listed cubical block where the patient were diagnosed before being distributed to the various ward blocks for isolation (one disease per block!).

Holmes Miller carefully crafted the masterplan retaining the key A listed cubical building and other B listed administration blocks, and infilled around the existing with new build homes.

The new buildings close to the existing blocks were aligned to compliment the original hospital masterplan which resembled aircraft lining up perpendicular to a runway. In particular this provides a suitable setting for the A listed cubicle block.

The style of the newbuild was complimentary to the existing modernist design with clipped roof edges and glazed brickwork feature panels.


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Hawkhead, Paisley