Hotel and Spa Resort, Paitan

Paitan spa resort hotel offered an exciting opportunity to develop a strong design approach based on integrated sustainable design principles. An emphasis on a ‘green’ aesthetic is reinforced by a commitment to green building service strategies including ground source heating / cooling and ventilation.

The building is formed and transformed by the landscape; it wraps around the undulating hillside and appears to flow from the mountain. The hotel is designed in accordance with Feng Shui principles; hotel rooms are located along the south elevations and enjoy uninterrupted views across the countryside. The flowing ribbon shapes which inspire the built form become a metaphor for the dynamic flow of light, air and good chi.

The large green roof over the Convention Centre flows out of the centre of the building on the south side as if it is a river of green pouring down from the hill. This provides an effortless transition from the higher levels at the main entrance on the hill down to the lower levels of the surrounding fields.

The bedrooms are extruded like crystal growths from the corridor spines. This creates modulated surfaces which echo the broken forms found in nature. Some of these crystals are removed to puncture holes in the elevations creating opportunities for conservatories, plants and trees, as if the greenery of the hill is forcing its way through the building.


Lanwa Group, China


Paitan, Guangdong Province, China