Hananbaichuan Headquarters, Shenzhen

Iconic Form:
The design espouses a sculptural quality and simplicity of form. Visually dynamic layering creates richness adds to the subtly confident aesthetic.

Towers – Contrast and Unity:
Height and colour lend the two towers distinct identities while remaining linked through the use of a consistent facade system. There are physical links between the two towers in the form of a bridge link which integrated into the facade and garden spaces at ground level.

Human scale:
The building responds to the human scale through the integration of landscape and corporate signage into the facade design

The building is lit to enhance its dymanic, abstract and iconic image. The hanging gardens are lit to creata a dramatic effect and lighting of the ground floor podium serves to activate the public realm.


ShenZhen Bao An Investment Holding Ltd


Shen zhen City, Bao An Dinghai Area