Guilin Tourist Complex, Guangxi, China

Building on the vision we considered that the main part of the site was wholly flooded. We imagined that a vortex was set up causing eddies and currents to flow within the pool. At the edges of the current and in the middle of the vortex land forms would be created. These landforms will provide the framework for the places on which the buildings will be developed

Desire lines for pedestrian routes would be established with major ways controlled within dynamic avenues that are sometimes bridge, sometimes street with built edges and sometimes paths through landscaped parks. The routes would vary in their elevation to provide a variety of different viewpoints of the overall development and the surrounding area. Minor routes are then picked out in a filigree of small bridges and pathways ensuring a fully integrated pedestrian network. Green space on the islands would be augmented by green roofs on the buildings reflecting the verdant nature of the countryside.


Guilin City Tourist Bureau


Guangxi, China