5* Hotel & Leisure Resort, Fangcheng

Masterplan and hotel proposal for luxury island resort. The proposal includes 5 star hotel, 4 star hotel, luxury villas, marina, seafood village, retail and tourism facilities, artificial beach, public spaces and park.

The identity and character varies across the development in response to the dominant influences which shape the islands. The north island engages the bustling harbour and city on the eastern coast which reinforces its activity and dynamism while the southern island is much more private and secluded overlooking the mountainous terrain on the west coast and out towards the horizon.

The form and massing responds to the natural context of the islands reinforcing their innate character through sensitive reinterpretation of topography, orientation and connection with the water. The boundary between built and natural are blurred through strong landscaping and the buildings appear to emerge from the landscape and reach towards the water.

The water itself is the greatest asset and forms the centrepiece around which buildings and activities are focused. Activities on the water and along the waterfront attract both users and spectators to create a dynamic atmosphere. The buildings shape, enhance and engage with public spaces creating a coherent form that unites buildings, spaces, landscape and water.


Guoyuan (Holdings) Ltd


Fangcheng, Guanxi Province, China